Gerleo Nimalan


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︎ Pronounced djuh-leo, like germs

︎ Visual farmer, verbal Osama
︎ Fighting tedia through media
︎ Learning to see differently
︎ Trying to read and write more

Gerleo Nimalan is a 25-year old shaper from Madurai, India. He did a Masters in English,
worked for two years, decided to pursue his d r e a m s, switched streams, and is currently
doing a second Masters. This time, it's graphic design.

He reads and writes. He listens to music and watches films with much deliberation.
He aspires to teach someday. And write a book. And put out music. And make a film.
His other interests are etymology, paintings, history, evolution, poetry, and bass guitar. 

Will this website help him land a job with a studio / designer that does good work?
Tune in this Friday to find out!

(landscape of the artist as a young man)



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